It is important to approach fitness with a humble mentality, and to keep in mind that any type of exercise requires a firm understanding of the basics. It is smart and safe to start from the beginning and to work your way toward more advanced movements. Even if you have been a lifelong athlete, it is important to continually learn and relearn the fundamental training moves, always remaining conscious of improving form and breathing properly. In the following video tutorials, you'll learn some foundational tips and instructions to get you going on a well-rounded fitness routine. 


Give this fun and creative dynamic warm-up a try! It's great to do before any hip hinge or knee dominant exercise. Grab a workout buddy you love and start moving!
We can turn any space into a fitness and movement zone. The gym is a great place to train, but so is training outdoors. With a few pieces of functional training equipment such as kettle bells, steel maces, dumb bells and battle ropes, you can put together a great functional training session.



WFC Co-Founder Thosh Collins shares one of his favorite dynamic warm-ups. This is a great one to use before any movements that involved lunging, squating or bending at the hips movement patterns. It can also be used as an accessory movement during one of your circuits, or as a finisher.

For those of you who're in rural areas or with minimal access to equipment try these simple movements. These are some of our go-to functional movement patterns. They can be used as a dynamic warm-ups, finishers or can be added within a resistance training circuit as an accessory movement.

Basic Core Exercise

Chelsey Luger (Ojibwe & Lakota) demonstrates 8 basic core exercises from her home in North Dakota. Core exercises are critical to overall health and wellness, as a strong core is the central component to total body strength and stability. As you can see, none of these exercises require equipment or a gym membership.

 the kettle bell swing

Here, you'll learn the most basic of kettle bell exercises: the kettle bell swing. Follow along with trainer Dion Evans of the Dine' Nation, a Russian Kettle Bell Certified instructor, as he shows you the fundamentals behind this excellent tool. 

Tiny Tot Yoga

Super Leg Circuit 1

Try this super leg circuit! You can use it as a dynamic warm-up or a finisher, just modify the reps. Keep it moving from one exercise to another without stopping to challenge your cardiovascular system. Try these exercises barefoot to strengthen your feet, stability and ankle mobility. 1.


This video shows two workout routines using only bodyweight. No equipment needed! With just a few simple movements, it's possible to get in a well-rounded, strenuous and effective total body workout. INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the reps and sets as indicated in the video. Each routine should take about 20 minutes.

20 simple dynamic Warm-ups

WFC Co-Found Thosh Collins shares some of his favorite dynamic warm-ups that people of all athletic levels can use. Dynamic warm-up means that you move throughout full ranges of motion without any static holding but still getting a stretch, all while increasing your heart rate.